Woman left in tears after getting matching tattoo with friend – As inking looks rude

When one decides to get a tattoo, what they need to have in mind is that it’s permanent. Choosing the ‘wrong’ design can be painful, costly, and inconvenient.

I don’t thing anyone would like to be stuck with the wrong tattoo for life. Sadly, people sometimes make mistakes and have regrets.

A young woman has gone viral after learning the lesson of getting the wrong tattoo the hard way. She and her best friend did matching tattoos but the final result was nothing less than disappointing.

The design was supposed to commemorate their relationship and serve as a sentimental reminder to the pair, but what they ended up with wasn’t what they had in mind.

After seeing her tattoo, Alaina Nicole shared her feelings regarding it on TikTok. She was reduced to tears and couldn’t hide her dissatisfaction.


What’s most, her followers agreed that the work done was a bit shocking and pretty awful.

One of the people who took their time to comment under Alaina’s video said the tattoo artist pranked her and her friend intentionally. “Whoever did this knew. They knew,” they wrote.

“The tattoo ‘artist’ knew what they were doing,” another person added.


There were also those who believed that the artist only followed directions and it was probably what the two friends wanted, they were just unaware that the final result would look exactly like that on their bodies.

“I mean is it me or does it look exactly the same?” one person asked.

“I mean, that’s what you got,” another wrote.

“They look exactly the same tho,” a third claimed. “It’s just where y’all got it at.”

“I think it’s the placement. It should be on fingers, not your arm,” someone else expressed their opinion.


There were also those who came up with ideas on how to fix the design. “What if you each completed the other half and then coloured in opposite halves? That could be a potential fix,” someone wrote.

“Finish the butterfly and colour one side. She does the same and colours the opposite side,” another added.

The caption of the video Alaina shared on TikTok read, “When you try to get cute matching bestie tattoos and you get two limp d***s instead!”

Later on, she added that they fixed the design by completing the other part of the butterfly. This time, they tattoos can be mistaken for anything else.

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