Whoopi Goldberg’s SAD NEWS

“The View” audience were on the edge of their seats as Whoopi Goldberg revealed her terrifying experience with endometriosis in a chilling episode. She was so frustrated with the healthcare system that she asked why women have to suffer for so long before they get a diagnosis. At 67 years old, Goldberg shared her own terrible story of being wrongly diagnosed with a urinary tract infection (UTI) and ignoring the symptoms until they took a disturbing turn.

Goldberg said, her voice quivering, “I had no idea what was happening.” “Out of nowhere, a cottage cheese-like aroma wafted across the air. “I was fortunate enough to meet someone who said, ‘This is called endometriosis.’” This is when her story took a startling turn. Is Whoopi Goldberg’s confession a coded plea for assistance? She starts to question the medical education system, which just adds to the mystery.

Millions of women suffer with endometriosis, but it can take a painful six to ten years to diagnose. Stay tuned as Goldberg adds her name to the roster of famous people who are helping to shed light on this mysterious illness. Is she safe now, or is she still in danger?

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