When a father rushes to pick up his 6-year-old daughter from school, the teacher immediately notices a detail on his trousers

If you could, you would sacrifice anything for your child. An insurmountable impediment, a meaningless cause, or an impossible difficulty do not exist.

How come? Because the last thing you want as a parent is for your child to experience fear, sadness, or loneliness.

When your spouse picks up your kindergartener from school after a mishap or incident on Facebook
After receiving a call from his 6-year-old daughter, Ben Sowards, a parent from Utah, USA, realised he needed to see her at school right away.

Valeria had, as it happened, a minor “accident.” Ben could see his daughter’s humiliation at having soiled her clothes, but it wasn’t too bad.


Before leaving to pick up his daughter, Ben thought. He decided to make his daughter laugh because he thought there had to be a way to make her situation a little less terrible.

The Huffington Post claims that before Ben got in his car to go to school, he put water over his trousers.

Upon arriving, he inquired with Valerie about using her book bag for the purpose of “hiding” something.

Valerie finally realised what her father was doing to when she saw the massive wet smear on his crotch.

Valeria felt better about everything when she realised that her father was experiencing the “same accident.”

Sincerely, Sowards admitted, “I knew she was mortified, but I thought everything would be fine if I could make her laugh.”


She was quite irritated. However, as soon as she spotted my trousers, she gave me that look that told me everything was fine. Every dad is familiar with this particular look. We simply sauntered out of the school as if nothing had happened.

Ben could just drive to the school and pick up his child with ease. He did, however, go to this length to save her shame. What a wonderful father he is!

Few fathers are as imaginative as Ben, but there are plenty of wonderful fathers in the world.

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