Unlikely Love Story: 63-Year-Old Grandma and 26-Year-Old Lover Expecting Baby – Sparks Confusion and Controversy: ‘How is this possible?’

They’ve gained considerable social media attention – sparking various controversies in the process – but Cheryl McGregor, 63, and her partner Quran McCain, 26, are reportedly anticipating the arrival of a baby!

The duo is no stranger to media scrutiny, as their relationship has been under constant analysis since they began creating content for their TikTok channel.

Despite their significant 37-year age difference, they maintain that their love for each other is genuine, often sharing updates about their life together with their followers. While their videos have faced criticism, it seems that neither Cheryl nor Quran are particularly bothered by it.

According to reports, the unlikely couple often find themselves mistaken for grandmother and grandson. They first crossed paths when Quran worked at a Dairy Queen fast-food restaurant, where Cheryl’s son happened to be his boss.

“We didn’t think much of each other – she drove a baby blue Carrera and that’s the only reason I noticed her,” Quran shared with The Sun.

After Quran left his job, they lost touch. However, fate brought them back together in 2020 when Quran visited a convenience store where Cheryl was employed. From there, their bond grew stronger, eventually blossoming into a romantic relationship.


“We connected on a spiritual level. No matter the situation, we just have a certain vibe that connects anytime we are around each other. We went on a date and I told her feel like I’m catching feelings,” Quran expressed.

Fast forward to the present, and it seems that the skeptics won’t be able to come between Cheryl and Quran. On the contrary, the couple is now anticipating their first child together.

They took to social media to share the news with their millions-strong fan base, confirming that their surrogate in Georgia is pregnant.


“It’s finally happening, we’re starting our family,” McGregor exclaimed.

The couple further elaborated that Cheryl, already a grandmother, was able to provide a viable egg, but they opted for surrogacy. “We’re very excited about it,” McGregor added. “We can’t wait!”

The arrival of the new baby will make Cheryl a mother of eight (her other seven children are in their 30s and 40s). Additionally, she is a grandmother to no less than 17 grandchildren.

As expected, the couple’s pregnancy announcement stirred up a range of reactions on social media. Some individuals expressed heavy criticism, which is common when sensitive topics are involved, while others were simply confused.

“How is this possible?” one fan asked, reflecting the surprise of many.

Another chimed in with congratulations but added, “How?”

“IS THIS REAL?!” questioned a third, echoing the disbelief shared by some.

What are your thoughts on Cheryl and Quran’s pregnancy news? Feel free to share in the comments.

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