Tragic Loss: K-Pop Sensation Passes Away at Only 25 Years Old

Moonbin, ⁣also known by his birth name⁤ Moon Bin, was a​ prominent member of the popular K-Pop group ASTRO since‌ 2016. He ​was also a part of the subgroup Moonbin & ​Sanha.

Tragically, ​on April 19, ‍2023,⁤ Moonbin was discovered deceased in ‍his ​home in Seoul. The police have confirmed that his death ​was a result of suicide, although no further details have⁣ been released. He ⁤was only 25 years old.

Fantiago, the label for ASTRO, released a statement on ‌social media regarding Moonbin’s passing. ⁢The translated statement reads,⁣ “On April 19, our beloved ⁤ASTRO‍ member Moon ‌Bin has left us and ascended to the stars.” It continues, “The members of ASTRO, as well as the staff and ‍executives at Fantiago, ‍are deeply ‌mourning the loss⁢ of ⁣our dear⁢ friend.”

The funeral​ will be a‍ private affair,​ only open to‌ close family, friends, and colleagues.

Fans of ⁤Moonbin were shocked and saddened by the news, leaving heartfelt comments on⁤ the post.

Moonbin’s career began in modeling and ⁤acting⁤ during his childhood. In ‍2016, he joined ASTRO and together⁢ they released three albums, with their most recent being “A⁤ Drive to ⁤the ​Starry Road”​ in 2022. Moonbin & Sanha, the subgroup he ⁤was ​a part of, also released three EPs.

He is‍ survived​ by ⁤his family, including ​his sister Moon‍ Sua who is a member of the K-Pop group Billie.

To learn more‍ about Moonbin and his life, watch ​the video below.

May he ‌rest ⁢in peace.

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