Tattoos Can Help You Turn Scars Into Something Beautiful

Turning scars and birthmarks into works of art, these 20 tattoos are truly inspiring and show the transformative power of tattooing.

Do you have a scar, birthmark, or another blemish that you want to cover up? Some people have turned to tattoo artists to help hide these marks, or even make a feature of them.

20 Tattoos That Turned Birthmarks And Scars Into Works Of Art

If you are one of the many who have scars, birthmarks and other blemishes that you don’t like the look of, then you may have considered of ways to cover them up. But while such body marks can really get you down, turning them into beautiful pieces of artwork is becoming growing trend. A skilled tattoo artist can work miracles. They have the ability to make beautiful tattoos that can cover or incorporate various scars, birthmarks, and other skin blemishes, either covering them up, or making them part of the overall design. Here are 20 tattoos where the tattoo artist nailed it.1. Tattooed Fingers Here is an amazing tattoo. This person lost the top of the first two fingers on their hand. The tattoo artist had the skill to make the tattoos look like real fingernails, even giving them the shadow you might find under your real fingernails. Source: spotlightstories

2.Scar Flowers Here is another flower tattoo running part of the length of this person’s arm. Not only does the tattoo look good, it fully covers the scar on the back of this person’s arm, covering it completely. Source: spotlightstories

3. Beam Me Up This long scar on this person’s arm has been turned into a beam from an alien spacecraft beaming up a woman. As with most tattoos, this one must have some significance in this person’s life. I wonder if they are a believer in aliens or have been abducted themselves at some point. Source: spotlightstories

4. Paw Prints This person, who obviously likes dogs incorporated a mole into the design of her tattoo. I’m surprised that she so many paw tattoos done, on her arm no less. She must really like dogs. Source: spotlightstories5. Fish Bone Here is another fish tattoo that incorporates the scar as a part of the design. The stitch pattern even looks like fish bones. While not as active as the previous marlin tattoo, I think this tattoo does its job just as well. Source: spotlightstories6. Tiny Darth Vader This person turned this scar into an iconic character. This is either Darth Vader or Dart Stewie. I guess it could be either one. I do love how the tattoo artist incorporated the red scar as the light saber in the design. Source: spotlightstories

7. Forest Through the Trees Here is a tattoo that started out as a more simple design, but turned into something more elaborate. Maybe this was a tattoo that they regretted since it didn’t cover up the obvious scars. The improved version does a great job of doing just that to the point of incorporating the scars into the design. Source: spotlightstories

8.Wine Stain This tattoo takes a large birthmark and makes it a part of the tattoo. Notice how the birthmark looks almost like an area of spilled wine. So, the addition of the wine glass makes it seem like a natural part of the overall tattoo. Source: spotlightstories

9.The Ghost of Me Here is another clever tattoo idea, this time in conjunction with a birthmark. As a matter of fact, this birthmark does look kind of like a ghost, which makes it even more hilarious to tattoo eyes, a mouth, and the word Boo above it that much more hilarious. Source: spotlightstories

10.Beautiful Flowers These pink flowers are so pretty. You can’t even tell there is a scar underneath all that. The pastel colours make this tattoo look like a work of art. Source: None11. Cello Here is an artistic way to cover up a scar. According to the person with the scar, it is over 30 years old. The blue coloration of the tattoo and its almost translucent nature goes along perfectly with this person’s pale skin. Beautifully done! Source: spotlightstories2. Help Me Zip Up This person turned their surgery scar into a zipper. At least they took their scar in stride and decided to approach it with a little humor. Now, all she needs is someone to help her zip up. Source: spotlightstories

13. Blooming Scar This small patch of flowers does a lot to cover up this scar on this person’s arm. You can’t even see that a scar is there, meaning the tattoo has accomplished its mission. The artist doesn’t even have to add any color, as this tattoo looks perfect without it. Source: spotlightstories

15. Welded Joint Here is a tattoo of an underwater welder closing up a tear in this person’s shoulder. It looks like he has had some kind of shoulder surgery, but is currently under repair. Source: spotlightstories

16. What’s Up Doc? If you like carrots, then here is a tattoo for you. The scar looks just like a carrot, so, it would stand to reason that the tattoo artists would turn it into the real deal. Source: spotlightstories17. Shark Bite This person turned a harrowing experience, a shark bite, into a work of art. The tattoo pays homage to the reason for the scar while injecting a little humour into what was surely a very scary situation at the time. Source: spotlightstories18. Match and Flame Here is another tattoo that turns a skin condition into a work of art. This skin rash looks like smoke coming off of this match. It just goes to show that many bad situations in life can be made better by injecting a little humour. Source: spotlightstories19. Stitches The best way to take care of a cut is to sew it up, which is what this person was trying to get at with this apt tattoo. Source: spotlightstories20. Ankle Zipper At least this person has a sense of humor about their scar. It looks almost perfect as it is zipping up what looks like a scar from surgery on their ankle. The hardest part about many individuals with scars is that they have a hard time accepting them, but it looks like this person has. Source: spotlightstories

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