Sharon Osbourne is upfront about how she feels about Meghan Markle

Although she has long been a devoted royal follower, Meghan Markle is not Sharon Osbourne’s favourite royal.

Sharon stood by Osbourne in support after her friend Piers Morgan came under fire for his remarks on the member of the royal family.

Even though she didn’t agree with anything her friend said, she was ejected from The Talk because of her defence of him. The 70-year-old recalls her termination in her newest documentary, Sharon Osbourne: To Hell and Back, and makes clear her opinions regarding Markle:

“In my life, I’ve never met her. But, to put it another way, she socialises with Hollywood elite.


“I think that you have to be over a certain bank balance for her to talk to you,” the contentious personality added. She associates with only the wealthiest individuals in her field. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. God’s blessings on you But she does occasionally utter lies. To put it another way, she is surrounded by a lot of people. How can I handle this appropriately? It’s the best of the best in Hollywood music, movies, and everything else around her. She is not really a victim.

However, not all of her views are negative. In 2020, Meghan and her husband Prince Harry made the contentious choice to leave the royal family’s privileged lifestyle. They now reside in Montecito, California.


The event was called “Megxit” and made headlines all around the world. Other royal family members apparently were caught off guard by the news, and they convened for a conference to plan their response.

A rare personal address from the queen, the Queen herself responded in writing, conveying no animosity.

The Queen stated, “We accept and understand their choice to live a more independent life as a family while remaining a cherished part of my family, even though we would have liked them to remain full-time working Members of the Royal Family.


By all accounts, Harry and Meghan have made themselves at home in the United States, but there is still some uncertainty about Harry’s relationship with his family.

When it comes to the royal family, sensational headlines and confusing rumours are never far away, and Meghan received her fair share of both.

As a result, Sharon Osbourne feels for her fellow celebrity and explains:

Greg Doherty/Getty Images

“In my opinion, she was treated very brutally by the British press when she arrived. One very awful headline comes to mind. Who knows what occurs within a family, too? Do all members of each family get along? No… Who knows what happens in a marriage or family? Every time, I say, “Nobody ever knows.”

It was rumoured that Harry extended an olive branch to his father when the Queen passed away in an effort to put a stop to the feud. Although Harry and Meghan have already moved back to the US to be with their children, one may anticipate that he and Charles will continue to communicate in some way.

We’ll have to wait and see what Meghan thinks about everything, even the speculation that Harry may return to the royal family in some capacity to help.


Despite being present at the Queen’s burial and being the most outspoken opponent of the Royal Family, Meghan never shown any interest in returning to the UK.

The British royal family has long been a favourite of Sharon Osbourne. She joined the throngs of mourners gathered in London at the time of Queen Elizabeth’s passing who were eager to see the monarch’s casket lying in state. Sharin was captured on camera hugging other mourners as she was overcome with sorrow.

ITV News quoted her as saying, “I love the Queen and I came here for this because I’m a royalist and I love the royal family.”


The TV celebrity praised several aspects of her Majesty, but one in particular stood out:

“Stability… no matter what would happen in this nation, because, you know, everything in life changes, but she never did,” someone once said. And having her was just fantastic. The 69-year-old stated, “It’s disturbing and I know the grieving will go on and on and on for our Queen, people will never stop mourning for her,” in an interview with Piers Morgan on his Talk TV programme.

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