Beloved actor Scott Bakula mourned the passing of his close friend and Quantum Leap co-star, Dean Stockwell, on Tuesday. Stockwell, nominated for an Oscar, died at 85, leaving Bakula to reminisce about their five-year collaboration on the iconic sci-fi series.

In a heartfelt tribute, Bakula described Stockwell as a passionate man, deeply committed to various aspects of life, from his artistry to his advocacy. Bakula admired Stockwell’s nurturing attitude towards young actors on set, emphasizing his protective nature and genuine care for their well-being.Recalling their initial encounter during Bakula’s audition for Quantum Leap in 1988, Bakula highlighted the immediate connection that altered the course of his career and life. Stockwell’s nomination for an Academy Award shortly after joining the show added to its fortune, with Bakula expressing gratitude for having him as a co-star. Despite Stockwell’s newfound acclaim, Bakula noted his unwavering dedication to the role and the show, emphasizing their deepening friendship and mentorship over the intense five years of working together.

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