Regarding Camilla’s most recent photo, all royal admirers agree

The coronation of King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla is just a few months away. One can confidently assume that it will be a party for the entire country given recent revelations of what will occur during the three-day celebration.


Since Queen Elizabeth’s death, the Royal Family has been struggling, and Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series and Harry’s memoir haven’t helped.

But now that the royals are back at work, it appears that Camilla is at least in a good place. At least, that’s what a lot of royal admirers are saying in response to the publication of a fresh image of the Queen Consort.

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There was a time when Charles and Camilla were not as well-liked as they are now. People hated Camilla once their affair was made public, and it took time before things improved.

When Camilla and Charles made their relationship official, the Queen did have a difficult time accepting her. Prior to the aforementioned affair becoming public, the Queen Consort almost vanished as a result of how the people perceived her.

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However, despite Harry’s discoveries about Charles and Camilla, they appear to be very content with their daily activities. Many royal admirers have taken notice of it as well, and many have commented on a recent image of Camilla in particular.

At Buckingham Palace on Wednesday, Charles and Camilla attended a reception honouring the East and South Asian populations in the United Kingdom.


Additionally present were Princess Anne and Prince Edward, and photos from the occasion were shared on the Royal Family’s Instagram page.

The caption stated that attendees came from a wide range of professions, including the military, the arts, media, fashion, business, government, finance, healthcare, religious organisations, charities, and more.

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Additionally, it was lovely to recognise some individuals from Their Majesties’ visit to Chinatown the previous year!

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