Princess Diana’s flirtatious letters that were auctioned at auction show a side of her that has never been seen before

Even though Princess Diana passed away some decades ago, millions of people throughout the world still miss her. The world was shocked by her abrupt death, and one of the most watched television programmes in history was her funeral.

Diana’s tenure in the Royal Family was troubled since Charles and Camilla’s affair nearly destroyed their marriage. Diana, though, was also said to have been involved in an affair at the same time.

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The “People’s Princess” had no qualms about disclosing specifics about royal family life and what she saw to be unfair treatment. A number of Diana’s letters have recently been rediscovered or unearthed, and two more are currently up for auction.

We get to witness a side of Princess Diana this time that most people are probably not very familiar with. That refers to her flirtatious side, following which she wrote the King of Greece letters that, no doubt, upset the late Queen Elizabeth and numerous other royals.

The life of Princess Diana in the Royal Family was never easy. Following their meeting and subsequent marriage to the then-Prince Charles, the couple’s relationship deteriorated.

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It is reported that the late Queen Elizabeth II made numerous attempts to keep Diana and Charles’ union intact. The late queen wrote to the pair just one month after Diana’s controversial BBC interview aired, pleading with them to finalise their divorce.

This time, we get to see a side of Princess Diana that most people probably aren’t too familiar with. That alludes to her flirting side, which led her to write letters to the King of Greece that undoubtedly infuriated the late Queen Elizabeth and many other royals.

Princess Diana’s existence in the Royal Family was never simple. Their relationship deteriorated after they met and were later married to the then-Prince Charles.

It is said that the late Queen Elizabeth II tried several times to maintain Diana and Charles’ marriage. Just one month after Diana’s contentious BBC interview aired, the late queen wrote to the couple pleading with them to complete their divorce.

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The 32 “emotionally” raw letters were written by Diana to her two friends, Susie and Tarek Kasseem, during the contentious breakup, according to the Mirror. Diana claimed that the divorce settlement had left her “on my knees” and that she suspected the royal family of bugging her phone.

One of the letters, dated April 28, 1996, provided fresh information regarding Diana’s separation from Charles. Because of how she was feeling mentally, she stated she had to cancel a trip to Italy and apologise to her friends.

“I am going through a very difficult moment, and there is a lot of pressure on me from all directions. Sometimes it’s too hard to hold one’s head up, and today I’m just wishing for this divorce to happen because the potential cost is so high,” Diana stated.

A few weeks later, Diana sent another letter, saying, “I don’t have a mobile, so it’s impossible to discuss personal topics because my lines here are always being taped and handed on.

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“I never would have given my agreement if I had known a year ago what I would experience going through this divorce. It is dreadful and nasty.

“What I see now is an angry, petulant, privileged prince who never accepts responsibility for his own actions,” the author said.

“[Diana] would be furious at these personal, vengeful revelations,” he continued, “which not only put Harry’s country, family, and institution—of which his mother was extremely proud—at risk, but also his late grandmother’s legacy.”

There aren’t as many Diana-written documents as one might imagine. There are, of course. Two greeting cards that Princess Diana had sent to King Constantine II of Greece were put up for auction in May of this year, according to the Mirror.

They showed a funnier, more carefree side of Diana by including various sexual allusions. Additionally, the cards featured handwritten notes and signature.

The front of the first card featured a naked man reclining against a tree. It said, “Adam came first….Men are always doing!.

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The second card Diana sent had a picture of a naked woman and the question, “What is the definition of the Perfect Man?”

A midget with a 10″ tongue who can breathe through his ears was the response that came next.

The final Greek ruler, Constantine II, was close friends with Diana. The princess signed the cards she gave to him, “Dearest Tino, lots of love from Diana.”

The second read, “Dearest Tino, proudest love as always, from Diana.”

They were put up for sale in May at Dominic Winter Auctioneers, where they fetched $7,000 in bids.

The auction company stated on its website that the rationale for sending these cards, other than for pleasure, is unclear because they don’t mark a birthday, Christmas, or christening.

Before purchasing and sending them, Diana must have seen these cards and thought of Tino, probably motivated by a discussion they had at a social gathering.

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