Prince William said to have been “genuinely happy” without Kate by his side – expert finally exposes the truth

Prince William and Princess Kate have been together for a long time. Despite some rather challenging periods, they have made it through, and today, the Prince and Princess of Wales seem to be doing great; raising their three children and taking their royal duties seriously.

Just like any couple, William and Kate have their differences. Sometimes, it’s good to take a break from each other, even if it’s just for a day, especially as they often spend a lot of time together during their working hours. 

Days ago, Prince William traveled to Singapore for the Earthshot Prize Award. And according to a body language expert, he might not have missed his beloved wife too much.

A person can give away a lot about their feelings through their body language. And when it comes to William and Kate, it’s no different. In the last few years, we have seen many examples of how, according to these experts, their body language reflects their mood and relationship. For example, Kate Middleton has her own kind of signature move on William: A bum-pat.

Body language expert James explained that the Prince and Princess of Wales often show signs that they’re attentively listening to each other, often in the form of adding either touch or “truncated” touch.

Prince William & Princess Kate – body language

Kate has been seen doing her bum-pat gesture several times. It even happened on the red carpet for the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA), where Kate and William shared a cheeky moment as she patted his royal bottom.

However, there have been times when their body language and actions towards each other have been seen as very rude or a sign that their relationship isn’t at its best.

When the couple traveled to Jordan for the royal wedding between Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan and Rajwa Alseif, at one point, the wedding guests had a chance to greet the couple, sending them their best wishes for what is to come next. Cameras were all over the place, and they caught the moment when Prince William and Kate Middleton were to say hello to the bride.

Prince William went first, and after exchanging a few words, it was Kate’s turn to speak. Yet after a few moments, William felt it was time to move on. While she chatted with Princess Rajwa, appearing restless, William gestured towards Kate, encouraging her to move faster. Moreover, reports suggest the future king told her, “chop, chop.”

Of course, William wanted only for Kate to hurry along. But his words have left several royal experts criticizing his behavior towards his wife.

Prince William
Jon Super-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Speaking to the Express, body language expert Judy James didn’t like what she saw at all. She said it wasn’t one of William’s “finest moments when it comes to ether body language or words.”

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