King Charles III Opens up About Side Effects of His Cαncᴇr Treatment Months after Diagnosis

Recently, King Charles III shared that he has experienced side effects from his cancer treatment.

The disclosure came during a notable public engagement to transfer a role to Prince William officially.

On May 13, 2024, King Charles III revealed that he had lost one of his senses. The revelation came during a conversation with British Army veteran Aaron Mapplebeck at the Army Flying Museum in Middle Wallop, Hampshire.

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Aaron, who had chemotherapy for testicular cancer a year ago, shared his experience with the King. He emphasized the loss of his sense of taste due to treatment. It was during this exchange that King Charles empathized with Aaron. He mentioned he had experienced the same side effect.

This marked the first time the monarch has acknowledged the effects of his treatment since the revelation of his cancer diagnosis. Details of King Charles’s cancer type and the nature of his treatment remain undisclosed. Buckingham Palace provided no further information beyond acknowledging the King’s health issue.

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King Charles’s health condition was first announced on February 5, 2024. This was done through the official palace website. It stated that during a routine hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement, a “separate issue of concern” was noted. Findings led to further tests that diagnosed a form of cancer.

Since then, King Charles has been undergoing regular treatment, making him pause his public-facing duties. However, he continued to perform state business and official paperwork.

Despite the palace’s general silence on the matter, Princess Eugenie recently offered a brief update on the King’s health. She spoke during a charity event for the Elephant Family, a cause close to the royals. When asked about her uncle’s condition, Eugenie reported that King Charles was “doing well.”

Three months after stepping back from public engagements, King Charles resumed his public duties. On April 26, the palace confirmed that His Majesty and Queen Camilla would mark his return to the public eye with a visit to a cancer treatment center.

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This visit was particularly significant as it was his first official public engagement since the diagnosis. During their visit, the royal couple met with patients and medical staff. They also shed light on the crucial work in cancer care and treatment.

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Additionally, the statement of the palace emphasized the King’s health progress and readiness to engage once again in his royal duties. “His Majesty is greatly encouraged to be resuming some public-facing duties and very grateful to his medical team for their continued care and expertise,” the statement read.

His Majesty’s latest engagement happened on May 13, 2024. The event signified the official handing over command of Prince Harry’s former regiment to Prince William.

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The King arrived by helicopter and bestowed the prestigious position of Colonel-in-Chief of The Army Air Corps to William. The King himself kept this role for three decades.

Now, it places William at the helm of the Army’s airborne wing. This includes the 662 Squadron, which was formerly served by his brother Prince Harry.

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The event was steeped in military tradition. It was marked by the presence of a Guard of Honour and Lieutenant General Sir Nicholas Borton, Colonel Commandant of the Army Air Corps.

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