Jamie Lee Curtis says that her son decided to be a daughter and here is how she looks today…

Renowned American actress Jamie Lee Curtis recently shared her profound pride in her daughter, Ruby. However, what makes Ruby’s journey even more remarkable is the fact that her original name was Thomas. Ruby, a young man, embarked on a life-altering and intricate operation to transition into her true self.

This revelation, however, has not been met with uniform enthusiasm from all corners of the internet. It’s interesting to note that Ruby boasts a famous lineage as the granddaughter of the iconic Tony Curtis, best known for his role in the classic film “Some Like It Hot.”

Despite the curiosity surrounding Ruby’s transformation, the motivations behind her decision remain shrouded in mystery. Netizens, in response, find themselves in a state of confusion, unsure of how to react or articulate their sentiments about this transformation.

Many former fans and onlookers have expressed that Ruby’s feminine appearance seems incongruous with their preconceived notions of her identity. This revelation prompts a broader conversation about identity, acceptance, and the complexity of the human experience. In contemplating Ruby’s journey, it’s only natural to wonder how one might respond to such a significant transformation if it were to occur within their own family.

These situations challenge societal norms and evoke a spectrum of emotions, ultimately calling for empathy and understanding.

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