Ivanka Trump’s decision to not support her father’s 2024 presidential campaign in practical terms

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump played key roles in Donald Trump’s White House administration. Of course, the contentious four-year stint of said administration ended in a flurry of confusion and controversy.

After that, Ivanka and Jared received their fair share of criticism. The pair, like the rest of the Trump family, moved to Florida after leaving Washington.

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The past few months have been very intense, not least since Ivanka’s mother Ivana tragically passed away. It was rumoured a few weeks ago that the 41-year-old might re-join her father on the campaign trail in 2024 when he campaigns for president again.

Ivanka declined the offer, which surprised some people. It appears that the primary driver of her choice has now been revealed.


It sounds like a fairly comfortable existence to be a billionaire’s family member. You would be free to do nearly anything, follow your dreams, go on spontaneous vacations, and never have a boss to answer to.

Such was Ivanka Trump’s upbringing. The youngest child of Donald Trump and Ivana was born in New York City on October 30, 1981, and she spent her formative years there. Ivana and Donald got divorced when Ivana was ten years old.


“While I will always love and support my father, I will do it in a non-political manner moving forward. I am appreciative of the opportunity to serve the American people, and I will always be proud of the accomplishments of our Administration.

In a Fox News interview, Ivanka added that she is “extremely proud” of the work she has done at the White House and the things she has “accomplished.” According to a close friend of hers, she didn’t just decline her father’s offer because she wanted to put her family first.

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“I believe that losing a parent causes a genuine awakening, which implies different things to different people. It served as a reminder to Ivanka of how quickly time passes, the unidentified acquaintance told the New York Post.

But despite all the grief associated with that period, the recurring theme in every account of her mother that she had heard was that she truly lived: in work, professionally and emotionally, (and like Ivanka, she also gave it her best on the field). She wasn’t holding out to have fun later! She was undoubtedly exceptional and a force of nature.

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Early in 2021, Ivanka and Jared allegedly planned to permanently leave politics. According to a Trump source, entering politics “changed the trajectory of all of their life,” and as a result, they are “unlikely” to leave.

Ivanka and Jared were very clear that they would not be returning. They believe it was an incredible, fantastic period in their life, but nothing caused them to leave.

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