Following reports that his son Barron Trump, 17, has received death threats, Donald Trump speaks out about the matter:

LThe Trump family is stepping on shaky ground. A New York judge found on September 26 that the former president had regularly misrepresented his wealth by hundreds of millions of dollars, which will probably also have an impact on his children. That includes Barron Trump, his youngest child, who is seen to be carrying on his father’s legacy.

The Trump family relocated to their Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida following the 2022 election, when they vacated the White House due to Joe Biden’s victory. Barron entered a new school, and up until a couple of weeks ago, not much was known about him.

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The young youngster has, however, recently received death threats. Donald Trump has made the decision to discuss Barron’s life in public.

Barron Trump, 17, is the youngest child of a wealthy businessman and a former American president, but his life has been kept very quiet. However, it didn’t take long for the media to learn about his birth, and it was even his father who broke the news.

She wouldn’t publicly discuss the litigation or the mug shot in front of a group of people she knew. When she feels like it, she will handle this and everything else openly, the person continued. Keep in mind that Melania has a son who is still a minor to protect. One other thing to sort through is the mug shot that everyone is talking about.

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When she was in New York a few weeks ago, Melania Trump was last spotted. She is most likely hiding because of one very important and frightening reason, though.

A Chicago woman was detained in the middle of August on suspicion of making threats to harm Barron and Donald Trump. The social studies instructor was taken into custody on suspicion of spreading threats to harm or murder the former president and his son.

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It happened only a few months after she supposedly went to Florida to stalk Barron. According to the Chicago Tribune, the woman had been questioned by police in Palm Beach in March outside of the Oxbridge Academy.

According to The Guardian, the unnamed head of a school in southern Florida’s Palm Beach County, where Mar-a-Lago is located, received the death threat in an email.

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The woman declared in an email sent in May, “I will state that I will shoot Donald Trump Sr AND Barron Trump straight in the face at any opportunity I get!”

A senior law enforcement officer reportedly told CBS that the woman has been “on the U.S. Secret Service’s radar for several years.” “Her threats have escalated to become more specific” recently.

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A senior law enforcement officer added, “Her family has expressed concern to law enforcement about her potential for violence.” She has struggled with her mental health for a long time and recently admitted to discontinuing her prescription medication.

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