This year, media mogul Simon Cowell has experienced some voice loss. Fans have been led to believe that there may be a serious health issue with him as a result of this.

Cowell made a comeback to “American Idols” in May 2023 as a judge for the 18th season of the reality series. But something unexpected happened to him when they were filming the episode.

After something got lodged in his throat at the outset of the season, the native Englishman admitted as much. He related that he visited a physician who sent a camera down his throat and up his nose to examine what had happened:


“I think what happened was the acid from my stomach literally burned my vocal cords.”

Cowell had to go on immediate vocal rest, which affected his job on “AGT” as fellow judge Sofia Vergara “deliberately” misinterpreted what he told her. He had to remain silent during the show and expressed:

“It was torture. There was so much I wanted to say, and I literally could not talk.”

Just when he thought the vocal problem was resolved, it happened once more during the “Britain’s Got Talent” grand final on ITV1 the following month, in June. He asked Ant & Dec not to speak to him because he had lost his voice.

After Amy Lou, one of the contestants, finished performing, Cowell was unable to talk and appeared to be slightly choked. Lou heard Cowell’s explanation.: “I’m sorry. I’m having trouble speaking. Please tell me how you’re feeling right now.” This caused concern among viewers.

However, his Instagram followers paid more attention to what he looked like instead and began making assumptions about his state of health in the comments section.

“JUST LOOK AT HIS FACE! MOST DEFINITELY A STROKE!” wrote one Instagram user, and someone exclaimed in agreement, “SIMON HAD A STROKE!!!!!!”

While a third echoed the same sentiments, “Looks like he had a stroke or something.”

One other person shared their observation from the clip, writing, “His mouth is working the same on both sides. It’s almost like he had a stroke.”

Someone else accused Cowell of having had a “Bad, bad Botox job,” adding, “You look like you had a stroke.” One individual stated, “Omg, he looks like a corpse.”

One person asserted that she discovered information online claiming the music executive had passed away. Twitter users were startled to learn of the death hoax and Cowell’s alleged demise.

One social media user asked, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN SIMON COWELL DIED?” While another also questioned, “Simon Cowell died?” and another asked, “SIMON COWELL DIED IN A FIRE??”

Cowell Got Involved in an Accident

Cowell had an arm injury in an electric bike accident in 2022. Nevertheless, the television star said that he would continue cycling despite the tragic incident and the outcome.

Cowell apparently enjoys cycling and took a fall that year that injured him. In May 2023, he was open and honest about his recuperation, describing it as “painful” and admitting that he was “unfit” before the accident.

Even yet, he acknowledged that he is infatuated with bikes and would keep pedalling given that the experience eventually led to his recovery. Fortunately, he did not snap a ligament, thus he did not need to have surgery.

Months after the accident, Cowell provided a health update saying, “I”m fine. It was a stupid accident. It was just annoying, mainly because I couldn’t ride my bike. For six weeks, I [was] walking, and walking is the most boring thing on the planet.”

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