Elizabeth Taylor’s Last will

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the few stars that started their career when they were young. Her career spanned over six decades and unfortunately passed away in 2011.

Her last husband Larry Fortensky has revealed how they spent their last moments together and the fortune she left for him. Taylor was born on 27th February, 1932 in London.


Shortly after she was born she had to return to Los Angeles because of the world war II. Taylor’s parents were both Americans and art dealers and they passed on their creativity to Elizabeth.

She made her Hollywood debut in the comedy film There’s One Born Every Minute (1942) at the age of 10. Rolling Stone Magazine asked Taylor in 1987 if her childhood had been like growing up inside of a “big extended family” at the film studios.

Taylor thought of it as the complete opposite. “It was like a big extended factory; I’m sorry to say. But if you like being smothered, I guess it was a very productive family. I was nine when I made my first film in Hollywood.

I was used from the day I was a child and utilized by the studio,” she said. “I was promoted for their pockets. I never felt that they were a haven. I’ve always been very much my own person.


I had my own mother and father — they were my family, not the bloody studio.” Elizabeth knew quite well how the Hollywood industry worked and was able to work her way to the top. It wasn’t all roses and there was an incident she will never forget.

“When I was 15, and Louis B. Mayer started screaming at my mother and using swear words that I’d never heard before (‘I took you and your f*cking daughter out of the gutter’),” Taylor recalled.

“I uttered my first swear word and told him that he didn’t dare speak to my mother that way, and he and the studio could both go to hell and that I was never going to go back to his office.

And I left my mother there with her eyes shut, and I think she was sort of praying.” Talking about Taylor’s personal life, she was married eight times and her last husband was with Larry Fortensky in 1991.

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“I chased her outside, and she fell in the snow and started waving her arms around giggling like a little girl. That is my favorite picture. I keep it by my bed,” he said.

“That’s how I remember Elizabeth. She had a childishness about her. She was 20 years older than me, but I never felt she was old.” Elizabeth Taylor left him with over $500,000 in her will to “honor their friendship.” “I love her. I always will. And I know she loved me, too,” Larry told Daily Mail.

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