Chris O’Donnell from ‘NCIS Los Angeles’

Chris O’Donnell became famous after his iconic role in NCIS Los Angeles as G. Callen. He has been on the show from the first day of its release and heading to the 13th season.

Most people aren’t aware of his massive role in a Batman movie and he seems to be doing quite well before the NCIS role.

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Chris O’Donnell was born in Winnetka, Illinois on June 26, 1970. He was the youngest out of seven siblings and grew up in a large Catholic family. A family that laid the foundation of greatness for him. His large family and religious family became a yardstick for his action.

He surprised his family at the age of 13 after he told them his dreams of becoming a model.

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“So one day, I literally took the Yellow Pages and started calling talent agencies,” he told Rolling Stone.

None of the calls were successful, but his sister managed to link him with an agent she met at a wedding.

It didn’t take long before he started working for Sears and Montgomery Ward. He moved into commercials starred in a McDonald’s ad as a cashier.

“I was in the McDonald’s polyester outfit and served him his breakfast,” Chris O’Donnell recalled in an interview with NBC.

Chris got his first acting job while he was still in college majoring in marketing. By the end of his college year, he knew he was going to Hollywood.

His first feature films were in the early 1990s and it was clear he was raw talent. His roommates weren’t aware of his talent either.

“It was sophomore year, and I was living with some random people I didn’t know very well, and I hadn’t told anyone I had been making films because I wanted to know everybody without being the guy who made the films,” O’Donnell recalled on Watch What Happens Live.

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After acting alongside Al Pacino they became great friends and thought him a Great lesson. It was just the most nerve-wracking experience of my life, and being that nervous around Al Pacino for the majority of the film as well,” O’Donnell told Big Morning Buzz Live.

“I knew at the time I was doing it that this is going to be the greatest single-acting experience of my life that I’ll ever have.” “He always told me don’t ever marry an actress,” he recalled.

“He said you’ll always be second in their life.” Chris went on to marry Carolina Fentress and he listened to Pacino and didn’t marry an actress. He’s living happily with his wife and they are having the best time of their life

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