Annabel Elliot, the sister of Queen Camilla, provides unique information regarding King Charles’ marriage

Together, King Charles and Queen Camilla have faced the most difficult periods. Their infamous affairs while still married to their partners—Charles with Princess Diana and Camilla with Andrew Parker Bowles—marked the beginning of their turbulent history.

Although Camilla was initially met with resistance from the public and even some members of the Royal Family, she gradually overcame this and became a well-liked member of the Firm.

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Camilla was raised in Sussex and was close to her sister Annabel, despite not being a princess from the start. The two went to the same school and did everything together. Annabel has been accustomed to going to some rather glitzy royal functions these days, such as King Charles’ coronation.

Because she has never wanted to be in the spotlight, Annabel, Camilla’s sister, has spent the most of her life in the background. But she just made the decision to speak forward, providing fresh information regarding the nature of King Charles and Queen Camilla’s marriage.

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Few people thought the scandalous relationship between King Charles and Queen Camila would end well when it was made public. The people in the UK loved Princess Diana at the time, and when they saw that she had been let down by her husband—even though it turned out that she had an affair as well—they turned on Camilla.

It seems like Camilla and Annabel trailed each other around whenever they went. Later in life, they even had children at the same time and were married to their respective husbands in the same year. They undoubtedly had wonderful family vacations and made priceless memories with their loved ones.

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Over the years, Annabel has remained out of the spotlight, even while her family has received attention. She made the decision to speak forward recently in response to the broadcast of the new BBC1 documentary, Charles III: The Coronation Year. As Annabel puts it, Camilla was King Charles’ “rock” during many difficult and trying years. It appears that Camilla and Annabel’s tight sibling bond is finally receiving some attention.

JShe truly is his rock, and I can’t say that enough. In the documentary, interior designer Annabel stated, “She is someone who is completely loyal and she isn’t somebody who has huge highs and lows.”

“He brings to her everything,” the queen’s sister continued. I’m not talking about all of this, but you know, he’s so knowledgeable and interested in so many other topics, things that, had they not met, she probably would not have been receptive to. They truly are extreme opposites and each other’s yin and yang, yet it works well.

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One of the two bishops assisting Queen Camilla at the coronation, Bishop Richard Jackson of Hereford, continued, saying, “I think what struck me particularly is how extraordinarily affectionate they are.” It’s evident that they are a close-knit family across all generations, and you felt as though you were a part of a familial, royal, and national celebration.

Anabel has owned and operated Annabel Elliot Interior Design and Antiques in Dorset for almost thirty years. She was listed as the seventh most significant British female interior designer in 2014.

King Charles and Annabel have collaborated closely as well. She was initially hired to work on Charles’s Welsh home, Llwywormwood, which he purchased in 2006.

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The Telegraph claims that between 2005 and 2008, Annabel Elliot received more than $380,000 for her services. Charles did not see it as a question of cronyism, as some politicians did.

“A tender was not present. She is well-liked and well-known by the Prince. “Annabel Elliot is a seasoned interior designer,” a representative for Clarence House stated at the time.

Every week, Queen Camilla and other members of the Royal Family visit different parts of the nation to interact with the public and gain more insight into national affairs. Even though Camilla has a large team of advisors and assistants, Annabel stays by her sister’s side all the time, offering advice on anything.

Naturally, Annabel was there to support her sister, who was going to become queen, when King Charles was crowned in Westminster Abbey.

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Viewers got a behind-the-scenes peek at Charles III: The Coronation Year, a documentary. Annabel became obviously upset as she saw Camilla make her way to Westminster Abbey to be crowned.

During the coronation, Annabel held the official position of Lady in Attendance to the Queen, sharing it with Fiona, the Marchioness of Lansdowne, who was a close friend of Camilla.

“Recalling my childhood, I saw my sister in this golden coach as I watched the Queen’s Coronation on a small black-and-white television when I was two years old. It’s such an odd feeling that I have no idea how to describe it. This is not possible. It was a memorable moment, according to Annabel.

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