After losing Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston was “utterly distraught”; he was like a brother to her

The world came as a shock when Matthew Perry passed away. The Friends actor died on October 28 at his home outside of Los Angeles, California, and was interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park a few days later.

To say a final goodbye to their cherished co-star and friend, Jennifer Aniston and the entire Friends ensemble were present.

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Outside of the spotlight, Aniston became an important member of Perry’s team. She was the one buddy, in his opinion, who really supported him through his addiction and helped him the most.

When Matthew Perry’s death was announced, his friends, colleagues, and family were taken aback. However, it seems like Jennifer Aniston is finding it the hardest to handle.

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Having aired for ten seasons and 236 episodes, Friends is currently regarded as one of the greatest sitcoms in history. In addition, the six lead actors achieved global superstar status and became famous for life. And they got paid well; according to rumours, Matthew Perry and his five co-stars made a cool $1 million every episode of the previous season.

“The real pain is that she’s been with him almost every step of the way,” the insider said. She was hoping that Matthew would make a major comeback, and they were discussing writing a new script together. There was a lot to anticipate, but even Jen is aware that it was his body, not Matthew’s, that failed.

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She is aware of his desire to live, which makes his untimely demise incredibly terrible. He was so full of more to offer. She’s devastated beyond belief, and her recuperation will be protracted. She really did do everything in her power to save him, and she will never be persuaded otherwise.

For Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry played a crucial role in her life. Her father, seasoned TV soap opera performer John Aniston, passed away less than a year ago.

An Express insider said that she has not found it easy to lose two of the most important men in her life in less than a year.

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“She’s reeling from the realisation that she lost two of the most significant men in her life in the span of a year,” the source stated.

She thought of [Matthew Perry] like a brother. After her father passed away, Jen was still reeling from the shock of his death when she received the devastating news about Matty. She’s still in shock over him, and her grief has grown even more intense on the anniversary of her father’s passing. She is in complete distress.

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