Actress Says She Had The “Single Worst Experience” Working With Tim Allen

In a shocking revelation, actress Casey Wilson has candidly shared her less-than-pleasant experience working with Tim Allen on the set of ‘The Santa Clauses,’ a sequel to the ’90s classic ‘The Santa Clause.’ Wilson, known for her openness, didn’t hold back in expressing her frustration with Allen, describing it as the “single worst experience” she’s had with a co-star.

During an episode of her podcast, ‘Bitch Sesh,’ Wilson surprisingly stated: “Tim Allen was such a b*tch. It was the truly single worst experience I’ve ever had with a co-star ever.” Wilson added a humorous yet telling detail about the aftermath of Allen’s departure, stating, “People are scurrying to pick up his velvet Santa coat. He’s a b*tch. And this is the best… I will not say who said this. This was someone that I do not know, perhaps in the crew. [He or she] breezes past me and just goes, ‘You’re seeing him on a good day.‘” Go ahead, watch the film again, and then check out this trailer for the Santa Caluses, available on Disney+.

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