“The longest nails in the world!” Meet the Guinness Record Holder!

Since 1997, she’s let her nails grow without a trim, and the results are astonishing! Brace yourself before you catch sight of Diana Armstrong. Her nails have reached a staggering length of 13 meters, and you won’t believe how they look now.


Introducing Diana from Minnesota, whose name graces the Guinness Book of Records for her extraordinary nail length. Surprisingly, she’s cultivated them to a whopping 1.3 meters since 1997, as reported by the Daily Star.

Acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records for her unparalleled uniqueness and extraordinary feat, Diana leaves many wondering about the logistics of her daily tasks and personal hygiene. While questions abound, answers remain elusive, adding to the mystique surrounding her.

In a candid interview, Armstrong admitted to the necessity of additional toilet paper to aid in her daily routines. Reflecting on her journey, she shared the poignant story of her late daughter, who once cared for her nails. Now, her nails serve as a poignant reminder of her beloved daughter.

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