The Evolution of ‘The Girl Barbie’: Unveiling Her Life and Looks Today!

In 2017, she was hailed as “the most beautiful girl on the planet”! Nastia’s striking ocean-blue eyes and angelic features made her a child model. She was officially ranked as the 5th most beautiful child in the world!

It’s universally understood that every child is uniquely beautiful. However, some captivate millions with their exceptionally distinctive features and enchanting allure. Today’s article is about one such individual: Nastia Knyazeva.


Back in 2017, her name graced the list of the world’s most beautiful children. Her angelic beauty distinguished her from all her peers and classmates, capturing the attention of photographers and modeling agencies while she was still a child.

She received continuous advertising and modeling offers, with many predicting a bright future for her. Notably, she collaborated with brands like Mischka Aoki, Street Beat Kids, and Kia Motors. Nastia quickly gained popularity, amassing over half a million followers at the time.

Her face has adorned the covers of numerous prestigious magazines. As years have passed, here are some updates: Nastia is now 12 years old, and to say that she looks just as beautiful would be an understatement. Many claim that she has only gained more charm and grace over the years.

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