Only 10 Years Old and Already 190 kg! The World’s Fattest Boy Undergoes Astonishing Transformation

The boy was once labeled the most obese child in the world. At a young age, he weighed 190 kg. In just one year, he underwent a remarkable transformation. He gave up fast food and became a healthy, charming boy.


Arya Permana became famous worldwide when he was dubbed the heaviest boy on the planet. At just 10 years old, he weighed over 190 kilograms. This shocked society, revealing that his condition resulted from a lack of physical activity and overeating. His sedentary lifestyle and excessive food consumption led to his rapid weight gain.

Excess weight can lead to serious health issues, which greatly concerned Arya’s parents. Despite his reluctance, they took him to a doctor. The specialist prescribed a strict diet consisting of rice and vegetables. However, Arya struggled to follow the diet on his own, so they decided to proceed with surgery to reduce the size of his stomach.

With maximum effort, Arya strictly follows the doctor’s recommendations for proper nutrition. He has increased his physical activity, and soon the results became apparent. Arya successfully reduced his weight by half and now aims to reach 63 kilograms. His parents are raising funds for an operation to remove his excess skin. Dreaming of becoming a football player, Arya is determined to achieve his goal.

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