Only 1 in 5 people managed to find the error in the image. What about you?

It is true that riddles and brain teasers take time and a little effort to solve, but you should also know that they help free your mind and relax you from all the stress and pressure you lived during the day. This kind of test is excellent exercise for the brain, and has a fun and playful character.

Here’s one you can do on a Monday morning when you wake up, during your lunch break at the office or on a Saturday night with friends.

As technology rules the whole world, it’s your job as parents to engage your kids in brain games, solving tricky math problems or riddles to keep their brains going all the time. active.

Faced with games that stimulate the brains of teenagers who spend all their time glued to their Smartphones, there is only one solution, do your best to include games
real in their day-to-day lives. In this article, you will find two challenges for you to solve.

What do you need as an instrument to achieve this? Of observation and logic.

Test 1 Remember that only 1 out of 5 people succeeds in finding the solution. But what of you?

In the picture, you see a country house built of stones and surrounded by trees on all sides.

With rolling hills and meadows in the background. Everything seems to be normal, except it’s not at all!

There are errors in the picture and your job is to find out what is wrong.

Before you start looking for errors, take a minute to look at the picture, then use your logic.

You can’t do it without clues? That’s okay, here are two, take a good look at the chimney and the trees to the side.

The direction of the smoke is opposite the wind

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