Born to Stand Out: The Story of the Unique Albino Girl in a Nigerian Family

Back in 2010, the world was captivated by the real-life “Snow White” born to a Nigerian family! The birth of an albino girl astonished her dark-skinned parents, and media coverage focused entirely on her. Years have since passed, and the girl has grown up, with new photos featured in this article!

At the moment Ben and Angela were eagerly anticipating the arrival of their long-awaited daughter, they had no idea she would be born with Albinism, becoming a unique and distinctive member of their dark-skinned family.


Unlike her siblings, she was born with completely white skin, green eyes, and fair curls, resembling an angel fallen from Heaven. As a reminder, Albinism is a genetic condition that affects appearance rather than health.

As the girl grew older, she encountered numerous challenges and difficulties stemming from society’s inability to accept her due to her unique appearance.

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