After picking up her 15-month-old daughter from her new kindergarten, the mother finds 25 bite marks on her

Alice Bryant, the mother of a 15-month-old girl, discovered our 25 bite marks on her daughter’s back, which broke her heart. An AR mother was shocked when her 15-month-old daughter came from daycare with at least 25 bite marks on her back, which she says had gone unnoticed for over two months.


Alice shared a snapshot of her baby’s back and recounted how she noticed the markings on her body soon after beginning work at the new nursery, C.B.D in TS. Alice expressed her sadness and anger at seeing her kid in such a situation. She said that when she first saw the marks, she thought they were bite marks and started crying, but then she counted them and found that there were about 25 of them.

Martin advised other parents to avoid the preschool near where she is studying at the University of Arizona, expressing her displeasure at how her lawsuit against the preschool, which is part of an international organization and is state-accredited, was handled. Alice Martin says she saw bite marks on her baby Rosalynn when she picked her up on February 26 from C.B.D. in TS, AR.


Alice is collaborating with the police to determine what happened to her kid because if nothing is done, this may happen to another child. She said that such bites take time and that my kid would have screamed if anything like that occurred to her.

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